Veterinary Marketing 

With more than a decade of experience marketing veterinary practices of all sizes & specialties, the team at ILM Marketing offers in-depth knowledge and first hand experience in veterinarian marketing online and off.


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Why We’re Different

In Depth Knowledge of the Veterinary Industry

We have worked with a variety of vet clinics often functioning as their full-service marketing department, handling everything from strategy & budgeting, to logo and website design, to pay per click advertising and brochure design.

Our clients have included general practice clinics, specialty practitioners, spay/neuter clinics, boarding and doggy daycare facilities, and even dog trainers and groomers. We understand the unique needs of each type of animal care business, the challenges faced, and opportunities available.

In addition, we are lifelong animal lovers and are completely devoted to our furry family members. This means we have an intimate understanding of the client/patient side of the veterinarian relationship.

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Anna Platz, Nat Criss, and Vanessa Llyod at ILM Marketing

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Details on Some of Our Popular Services

Custom Veterinary Websites

ILM Marketing custom builds sites for veterinary practices and boarding facilities. We listen to our clients’ needs and build sites around their goals, whether it’s to attract new patients, educate pet owners, or both.

The cost for sites depends upon the number of pages, revisions, integration with third party services such an online store or pet pharmacy or appointment scheduler, and other variables. We can also create a site and duplicate it for multiple branches or clinic locations.

Examples of some custom websites:
LaCroix Veterinary Hospital
Points East Veterinary Specialty Hospital
Dogs At Play
Wags East Pet Resort

Pay Per Click Marketing for Vets

We help veterinarians generate leads through targeted Google Ads and Bing Ads per per click (PPC) campaigns.

Why do we love PPC for lead generation?

Unlike social, Google and Bing search campaign target users who are on their computers, tablets, and phones actively searching for a new veterinary practice or service.

How much is set-up?

Set-up typically ranges between $300 -$1000 depending on the number of campaigns needed.

How much is management?

Management starts as low as $150/month and goes up depending upon the amount of work involved.

How much do I have to spend with Google Ads or Bing Ads?

We recommend that you plan to spend at least $750/month in ad spend. This is paid directly to Google and/or Bing Ads.

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Social Media Marketing

What We Do:

Social Media Campaign Management and Creation – We build monthly campaigns for clients and push out their posts through their desired platforms.

Social Media Advertising – If you want exposure with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, be prepared to pay the publishers for it. We design carefully targeted campaigns that deliver your message to your preferred audience and geographic area.

Social Media Monitoring – We know that you and your team work hard to provide the highest level of care to each and every patient, and care about your reputation. When dealing with people who are passionate about their pets, it is unfortunately all too common for someone unhappy with an outcome to lash out with a negative comment or review.  We can help keep an eye on your social media accounts and review platforms for customer feedback so that you can respond to positive and negative feedback in a timely manner.

Recruiting – Looking for hard working, caring professionals to round out your team? We can also run campaigns to advertise your job openings.

Pricing Information:

We customize plans based upon the needs of the client.

Give Nat at call today at (866) 491-5479 and he will put together a quote based upon a plan of action that works for your business.