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We help you connect with current customers, broadcast your message to a targeted audience, and build your brand via social media.

We work with you to design a social strategy that works for your business. Posts, ad campaigns, interactions, engagement…share your story!

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Social media can be a great avenue for brand building, reputation management, and opening the lines of communication with past and future customers. At ILM Marketing, we help businesses leverage the power of social media in a common sense way. Forget spending countless hours posting tweets that get you nothing in return.

Many of our clients do not have the time to actively manage social media. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you develop a plan, deliver your message, build your follower base, improve your influence in your community, design your ads, and take a bunch of tasks off your plate.

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Understanding Social & Working with ILM Marketing


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Should I be on every social network?

Probably not. If your budget is limited and your target audience is fairly broad, you’ll probably do well focusing on the most widely used networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If hoping to reach young consumers it may pay off to jump into the newest platforms popular among teens. Some sites are industry specific such as Houzz for home building and design or Avvo for the legal professionals, and it can make sense to incorporate these into a social strategy if one is widely used in your field.

Let’s discuss who you are trying to reach, and what your message is…that will help us determine which social networks will likely be most effective.

I'm spending all this time posting...is anyone seeing what I'm sharing?

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts, but we can start by looking at the data within the platform to see what your current reach is. We can help you get your message in front of more people through targeting, sponsored campaigns, and optimizing your content for engagement.

Moving forward we’ll tailor your social outreach to your goal or goals, such as making more people aware of your business or product, driving website traffic, or increasing the number of followers on a specific network.

Will you help me develop a plan?

Yes. We can help you put a targeted plan together. Note that we get paid for our time. So, we will provide you with a quote for the time needed to develop a strategy.

How frequently will you post content?

We can post as frequently as you wish. However, we typically recommend posting less frequently and reallocating some of the funds used to pay for management toward to paying for the distribution of the content with the publishers. Most publishers make their money off of ads. So, they’ve made it a pay-for-play situation where you will not get many impressions (consumer views) without paying for it through their advertising platforms.

How much do you charge?

How much we charge will depend on the amount of work required to execute on your plan. The first step is to have a phone call to discuss your goals and then we can provide you with a quote for services.

Are there long term contracts?

We do not have long term contracts for social media management and planning services. If you do have us do work on an ongoing monthly basis, we do require 30 days written notice for cancellation.

How do I pay?

You can pay ILM Marketing by check or credit card. We do require a credit card authorization form on file. Any open invoice over 45 days old will automatically be charge to the card on file.

You will be responsible for paying the publishers (e.g. Facebook Ads) directly for any paid advertising you do with them using your credit card.

Recent Social Media Case Studies

Alpha Mortgage

Wilmington, NC

Social Media Marketing

Reverse Mortgage Lender Alpha Mortgage uses social media both to increase awareness of their brand and organization and to help educate consumers about reverse mortgage products in general.

Posts are directed to the target market and include information on the Alpha Mortgage Reverse Team and share helpful resources for those who may be interested in reverse mortgage lending. This has proven to be a cost effective way to get the conversation started with potential new customers.

Lexington Healing Arts Academy

Lexington, KY

Social Media Marketing

The diversity of their offerings has been one factor in the success of the Kentucky based school, Lexington Healing Arts Academy, but figuring out how to share very different message with a wide range of audiences can also be a challenge. Focused on health and wellness training, the school offers programs as well as services in massage therapy, yoga, and personal fitness. Audiences include potential and current students, alumni, workshop attendees, clients of the massage clinic and yoga studio, and many more.

Social media marketing allows us to deliver each message to the appropriate highly targeted audience. We avoid overloading prospective and current clients with too many posts that might not interest them, and increase return on investment by putting posts and ads in front of those who are most likely to take action. 


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