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Words matter. A website or marketing piece only works if people relate to the message it sends.

At ILM Marketing, we offer professional copywriting services to help you promote your business and connect with your audience. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your project and receive a free quote.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to copywriting. We look at each project, client, audience, and industry individually to develop the appropriate tone and style. Writing product descriptions for a clothing company will be very different than discussing the details of a financial program or the offerings of a legal firm.

We work closely with each client to develop the voice that best represents their business and speaks to their target audience.

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writing for the web

Online content generally has many different audiences. You may think first and foremost of your potential and current customers, but another important set of “readers” are the search engines. Search engines crawl through your website and use (among other factors) the content on each page to determine what that page is all about, and how useful it would be to those searching for information on the topic.

Appropriate use of keyword targets, optimized meta titles and descriptions, and thorough, reader-friendly copy can make a big impact on how well your site ranks in online searches. In addition to your customers and the search engines, other viewers of your sites could include competitors, regulators (if applicable in your industry), potential investors, and more.

We strive to write with a balanced approach keeping all of these potential audiences in mind.

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Costa Mesa, CA

Copywriting – White Paper

California-based mortgage lender, ALTLOAN was looking to both identify a problem within their niche as well as show how they were solving it for their clients.

A white paper proved to be an effective medium to make this case, outlining the issues at hand, and then diving into the details which are important to the target audience. We were able to get extra mileage out of the investment in this copy by repurposing sections of it for several additional uses including advertorials and email campaigns.


Lexington Healing Arts Academy

Lexington, KY

Copywriting – Blog

Lexington Healing Arts Academy, a Kentucky school focused on health and wellness training, has found its blog to be an excellent way to communicate with a wide range of prospective clients. From those interested in attending educational programs or workshops, to massage therapy and personal training clients, informative articles have proven to be a great way to make the case for services and programs.

In addition, many people find their way to the site for the first time when searching for a niche topic or specific element and a blog post covering it comes up in search results. This has been a great way to bring more awareness to the organization.


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