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Overview of the service & what is included:

ILM Marketing will use plugin software to create and export a backup of your website’s content and database. We will provide you with a copy of the files, and retain a copy of the files. In the event that the site is corrupted in some way in the future, we should be able to use this backup to restore it to the point it was at the time the backup was created.

In addition to storing a copy of the backup we also place a copy on our cloud storage, as an additional layer of protection, should anything happen to our hardware.

Restoration Process:

Should the site need to be restored in the future we would use the same plugin software to install the site on a clean WordPress install on your hosting account. Please note that any changes made to the site after the most recent backup will not be reflected on the restored site.


We have had excellent success restoring sites using this backup method following issues with hacking, malware, database issues, and hardware failure, but we cannot guarantee that every site will be able to be successfully restored in every scenario. As an added precaution we recommend having redundant backup procedures in place, such as one provided by your hosting provider. We also recommend backing up the site on a regular basis. Technology improvements and changes mean that there are more likely to be issues and challenges when attempting to restore from a very old backup. We are not responsible for the security and integrity of the website backup files.

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Customer Feedback

Samantha Rincione / Emerging Franchises

“ILM Marketing is nothing short of fabulous! They are very attentive to detail and have probably the quickest turn around in the industry. They manage many of my clients websites as well as mine. They also handle many other items for my company as well. Nat, Anna and Vanessa always respond to my emails or calls almost instantly. Highly recommend!”