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Our favorite tools and service providers to help you get the most from your website.

Why does it matter?

There are lots of places you can register a domain or host your website. We have found over more than a decade of dealing with hundreds of sites at dozens of providers that some do a much better job than others. Our goal is to minimize the possibility that your business will be interrupted by hardware failures, software issues, or website hackers…and that if something does occur we can have everything up and running as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that these are the personal opinions of our team based on our experiences and those of our clients. We can’t say for certain you’d have a great experience with a company we recommend or a terrible one at a provider we don’t.

Note: If you purchase one of these services through a link we provide we may receive a small compensation from the provider for referring you. We only recommend a short list of companies we truly believe are offering a superior service and great value. 

Website Hosting

WP Engine

Cost: $35 / Month* Discount available when paying annually.

Why we love them: 

  • Site speed. Built for WordPress. Handles the increasingly complex WordPress themes and the file sizes that come with it well.
  • Server level security. We find that sites on the WP Engine platform experience far fewer issues related to hacking and malware.
  • Site backups. They do a full restore point of the site every day, and upon request. If needed we can restore the site in minutes.
  • Staging installation. This makes it easy to test software updates or make changes to the site without impacting the live site. Launch a redesign or major update with no downtime.
  • Free SSL. Search engines are starting to flag sites with no SSL as “unsecure”, and more consumers have come to expect sites to be secure.
  • Great customer service. 24/7 live chat, generally with short wait times.

*As of 4/16/19

Domain Registration


Cost: Starting at $* 

Why we love them: 


*As of 4/16/19



Cost: Starting at $5 / User / Month* 

Why we love them: 

  • Reliable. Compared to other providers we have seen very few issues with email interruptions or undelivered mail.
  • Good spam filter. Does a good job of filtering out the emails you don’t want and keeping the ones you do. (It’s still always a good idea to check the junk folder regularly!)
  • Simple to use. Integrates well with smartphones for access anywhere.

*As of 4/16/19


ILM Marketing
4032 Masonboro Loop Road
Suite 205
Wilmington, NC 28409

Phone: (910) 547-6910

Hours of Operation
Mon.- Fri. 8:00-5:00 EST

Customer Feedback

Samantha Rincione / Emerging Franchises

“ILM Marketing is nothing short of fabulous! They are very attentive to detail and have probably the quickest turn around in the industry. They manage many of my clients websites as well as mine. They also handle many other items for my company as well. Nat, Anna and Vanessa always respond to my emails or calls almost instantly. Highly recommend!”