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At ILM Marketing we work to eliminate the hassle, waste, and frustration associated with pay per click advertising. We set-up and run paid advertising campaigns for our clients in Google Ads, Bing Ads (Yahoo, Bing & AOL), Facebook, Twitter and more.

We understand that CPC advertising can be expensive and, if set-up improperly, a huge drain on a company’s marketing budget. We take a conservative approach to cost-per-click advertising by focusing on exactly who our customers want to market to and who they want to avoid.

Pay per click advertising tools and targeting has come a long way over the past decade. Having a marketing professional, who knows what they’re doing can save you thousands of dollars a year by focusing your ads and reducing wasted clicks.

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frequently asked questions.

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What types of campaigns do you run?
We run both Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and Linkedin Ads campaigns for clients.
What are the set-up costs?
ILM Marketing typically bills a flat fee for the set-up of pay-per-click campaigns. The fee is determined by the complexity of the project.

Some small campaigns can be setup in less than an hour while more elaborate campaigns can take much longer. The first step is to have a conversation to determine your needs and budget.

How quickly can you set up the campaigns?
Most campaigns we can have are up and running within 1-3 business days. For more complex campaigns, it will likely take a little longer.
What are the ongoing management costs and commitments?

Monthly management & reporting services start as low as $125/month. Pricing depends upon how much monthly maintenance is required and the complexity of the campaigns.

You may cancel monthly management services at any time with 30 days’ notice.

What amount of budget will I need?
That will depend on your industry and how much you feel comfortable spending. We can help sort through the details. You will pay the publishers (e.g. Google Ads or Facebook Ads) directly for your spending using your credit card. You will be able to turn your ads on and off and adjust your budget whenever you’d like.
How do I pay ILM Marketing?
You may pay by check or credit card. A credit card authorization form must remain on file and will be charged automatically if payment is not received within 45 days of the invoice being sent out.

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