SAMPLE CRAVE Marketing Ideas

Hello Crave Franchisees. Below you’ll find some marketing ideas to help you build awareness in your community and stay top-of-mind with your customers.

ILM Marketing & Crave

We’ve worked with the Crave corporate team for a number or years and, in the past, they’ve asked us to speak with a number of franchisees independently about marketing opportunities. We thought it would be helpful to put together some ideas and pricing on various marketing opportunities available to you. Note that you can pick and choose between any of the items listed and scale your budget up or down as desired. Some you may want to handle pieces internally and others you may want to outsource to us. Just let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.

Facebook & Instagram

10 Posts Per Month
Topic Ideas: Daily Special, Food Item Photos, 5 Second Video of Food, 5 Second Video of Interior, Simple Contest Giveaway, Customer of the Week/Day, Upcoming event/sponsorship. Boost each for $10 ($100/month) to your target audience. Cost for ILM to manage is $350/month.

Monthly Menu Carousel Ad
Highlight up to six of your menu items to introduce people to your products. Use monthly budgeting to deliver ads around lunch and dinner hours. Recommended monthly spend of $150 with Facebook & Instagram. Cost for ILM to manage is $75/month.

Monthly Video Ad
Shoot a quick video in your location telling people about a special or showing food being prepared. Recommended monthly spend of $150 with Facebook & Instagram. Cost for ILM to manage is $75/month. You can either boost or run through Ads Manager.

Facebook and Instagram Remarketing Ads
Run ads targeting people in your area who have either visited the Crave website or who have interacted with your Facebook page. You can also upload lists of customer emails and remarket to these individuals as well. Recommended monthly spend of $60. Cost for ILM to manage is $75/month. 


Google & Microsoft Ad Campaigns

Google Display Ads
Target people in a geographic area close to your location who have an interest in food, restaurants, dining out, BBQ, etc. We can also target people in your area who have visited the Crave website to stay in front of them and keep them coming back. These ads will show on websites and apps in the Google Display Network. Recommended monthly spend of $60. Cost for ILM to manage is $75/month. 

Google & Microsoft Search Ads
Target people who are actively searching for restaurants in your area. This is pay per click so you only pay if someone clicks on your ads. We can also add negative keywords so your ads will not show if certain words are included in the users’ queries (e.g. seafood, Italian, Chinese, etc). Recommended monthly spend of $200. Cost for ILM to manage is $75/month. 

Email Marketing

Start a weekly email blast that includes specials, new menu items, contests, and upcoming events. You can collect emails easily by using a sign up form on a table by check-out and offer an incentive for signing up (e.g. enter to win contest, free small soda, etc). We recommend MailChimp and you can get an idea of their pricing here: https://mailchimp.com/pricing/ (note that it is free for up to 2,000 emails). Cost for ILM to assist with creatives and execution would be $75/blast.

Postcard Mailings

Have the desire to reach a specific neighborhood and don’t think social media is going to do the trick? We have a great relationship with a print and mail house for postcard mailings. Pricing will depend on the number of pieces. We’d need to discuss this with you to provide prices.


Run Facebook & Instagram ads targeting people by job title (e.g. office managers, real estate agents, pharma reps, etc). Recommended Spend $90/month. Cost for ILM to manage is $75/month.

Birthday Giveaway

Run Facebook Messenger ads offering people a free hot dog on their birthday. We run similar campaigns for other clients that work great.  Recommended Spend is $90/month. Cost for ILM to manage is $75/month.


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Customer Feedback

Samantha Rincione / Emerging Franchises

“ILM Marketing is nothing short of fabulous! They are very attentive to detail and have probably the quickest turn around in the industry. They manage many of my clients websites as well as mine. They also handle many other items for my company as well. Nat, Anna and Vanessa always respond to my emails or calls almost instantly. Highly recommend!”