May 28, 2012

Blogging Challenges and Strategies

Woman on her laptop
I do not look like this when I’m blogging

With the recent Penguin update to Google’s search results, it seems that quality content is as important as ever. Blogging is a great way to create a steady stream of quality content with links out to previous blog posts, primary sources, and other helpful, relevant resources online.  We put a lot of effort into blogging for our own projects and for our clients.

The challenge with blogging is the frequency with which you have to keep it up.  You can write an amazing and informative post but a week later, it already seems old and the blog needs freshening up.  Avid bloggers aim for daily posts, including posts for breaking news, or at least 3x per week.  I would say that at least 1x a week is a good target to aim for.  Often, the blog format shows the latest blog post, with the date, at the top of the page.  Once the date gets to be more than a week or so old (or a month old!), the blog seems a little neglected.  To avoid this and to to maintain your blogger integrity, you really do have to keep it up.

One way to battle this is to set a block of time to write your posts and then schedule them over time.  Research what you want to address, find sources, and plan out your editorial calendar.  You can always move things around if a more pressing issue comes up one week.

It’s also a good idea to have your blog posts flow from one to the next – at least a little.  Pick a topic and brainstorm posts you can write about that.  Cluster a few posts on a related topic and write/schedule them together.  Then pick a relevant topic and do that same thing.  I think that helps keep readers engaged.

I research topics to write about by using current news, company news, and analytics.  Are there keyword terms you see in Analytics that are getting only a few clicks?  Is your ranking pretty low on the search results page for that term?  That keyword term can be a potential blog post topic.  People are obviously interested in learning more about that key term and you have an opportunity to improve your search results for it and gain a greater volume of targeted traffic.

These are some of the challenges we’ve found with blogging and the strategies we use to overcome them.  We definitely think quality blogging is worthwhile for your branding and for SEO.  If you see the potential but need help, let us know! Contact us or call 910-547-6908 (Megan).